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12yr russian sex

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Related post: Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 16:30:51 +0200 From: A.K. Subject: Ricardo 05/14 (relationships)----------------------------RICARDO by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2009 written on on June 2, 2002 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Randhir-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"RICARDO" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in russian girl poops your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because secret russian porn YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------Chapter 5 - STEFANOA costume russian boy naked party for carnival. Stefano called and invited me to his home for the Shrove Tuesday. He had invited all of our friends and a few "novelties". If I knew him well, "novelties" by Stefano's russian tgp lol ru definition included some gay youths who were extremely available. Only God knew where Stefano found these boys, but I knew he never sourced hustlers.Sefano's parties are always somewhat baroque but totally fun. His entire house is a little baroque but at the same time very pleasant. Stefano himself is in a way baroque but agreeable. He at least has a good sense of humour and, in spite of being decidedly rich, he doesn't show it, he doesn't make it weight on the others, and even though he is not extravagant, he is rather generous with his friends.He lives in an apartment that takes up half of the first floor of a mansion at the end '800, downtown, a building with column on the five floors of the two corner facades and masks on the centre of each arch. His apartment has twelve rooms besides the services - five bedrooms, three drawing-rooms, a wide dining room, a party hall, a living room, a study and a library all connected by a russian kinder sex "T" shaped, wide corridor with a set of arches, all in all total of about six hundred square meters. The services include kitchen, larder, wardrobe and ironing room, four toilettes, two showers and three bathrooms. Stefanfo lives there alone or with a lover on duty.At present he lives there with Dario, a twenty-three years old gigolo, quite likeable. Two Philippines and an Italian boy, who is also russian naturism photos his cook, together they housekeep the apartment. Their ages range between twenty-two and twenty-eight years and he found them russian porn archives through ads in Italian and foreign gay magazines. One of the two Philippines in fact comes from Germany and the other from France.Dario before meeting Stefano was a barman at the Ibiza Club MŽditerranŽe and, to have russian ls forum him in his bed it was enough to give him costly gifts. Dario has been living with Stefano for four years. Stefano as a russian nymphs free gallery guest at the club, studied the boy, who was then nineteen, for several evenings and in the mean time he had discrete inquiries carried out on him. He also observed his tour of rich private "customers".At the end, before coming back to Italy, and after having hot russian girls sex with him, he spoke to the boy, "You earn as a barman around a million liras a month, not such a russian free password boards big salary, and in Milan you live in a small hole. From yourÉ pre russian nudism admirers you can earn, let's say, the equivalent of around a couple million a month in goods. And this is not the same as having two million in cash. If you accept and become my boy, I will give you food and shelter and two million each month as your allowance, and term bank deposit where two more millions will be added each month. The money on the term deposit will be yours on the day I send you away or every ten years, and in that case it would mean 240 million together with interest. What do you think of this arrangement?"Dario answered, "It would be perfect if you added to it my clothing and if you reduced the term to five years."Stefano said, "All right for the five years, but not for the clothing - if I want you to wear something special, I will pay for that clothing, but you have to pay for your yens with the pocket money."Well, Dario left his job and went to live with Stefano.So, I was saying, Stefano invited me to his costume party. I accepted and started to think what costume to use. At the end I decided for a costume of a wealthy russian newscasters naked middle-class man of the mid nineteen-century.I decided to go and see the Camilla, who manages a theatrical tailor's storehouse. The real name of the Camilla is Fausto. He is fifty years old and is a terrible russian naked women babes queen, she pays hoodlums to fuck him - the rougher they are the more he feels aroused. Before taking one of them russian strippers and movies at his place, he gives him a thousand liras just to check if their hidden tools are of his liking. He never takes them in his home or in the storehouse, but in what he calls his "fuckery" - a single room of twenty-five square meters with all the walls covered in mirrors and a huge freesex russian bed in its centre, spot lights and, unknown to his fuckers, a hidden television camera to have his sexual romp filmed. He says that it is his life insurance, and to avoid blackmail attempts.In fact the Camilla says that once one of the hoodlums tried to blackmail him. The Camilla just took him to his fuckery, switched on the TV set and showed him the video. "You see," he said him, "To pay you I have to sell it to the net of red lights premises, and to the porno-shops. Oh my god, you could even become famousÉ" and the guy at once nubile russian nudes changed his mind.Well, I went to his storehouse."Darliiiiing!" he greeted me raising his voice tone while lengthening the "I".He knows free russian porn thumbs that it annoys me if he talks to me using feminine expressions, as he usually does, and he tries to avoid it."I always find you in splendid shape - how russian nude personals do you do that, did you make a pact with Mephistopheles? You let him fuck you one time for each year of age he takes away from you, darling? My goooodness what a pleasure seeing you again. How comes that you came to see your old aunt?"I told him about the party russian incest twins and about my idea for a costume."Yes, madam the jeweller invited me too! I have what you are asking, darling! Come with me, I will transform you in a perfect gentleman of the last century."He took me to the "penderie" that is four huge rooms in the back, on the four sides of an inner yard, all filled russian illegal kiddy porno with wardrobes in parallel rows, full of costumes divided for epoch and country. First of all he found a jacket and trousers of a blue-grey with hemming in green pea colour, with the gaiters. Then he found a waistcoat of flowered brocatelle on a pastel green background, and a white shirt with jabot. He couldn't find shoes of my size, but he told me to buy black, pointed shoes closed with an elastic, glossy and smooth - he would apply on them the silver plated buckles."Do you want also underwear in style, chŽri?""No, thank you, " I answered laughing, "I don't think I will have to undress.""You never know, darling, you never know! Anyway, as you like. Even if you rrussian voyeur had to undress, I think that your partner would be only eager to see what you have under, he would for sure not lose time to admire your underwear - men are so uncouth! russian pornstar ekaterina Oh, sorry, darling, but you are an exception!"He also found a double full circle mantle, dark brown, and a top hat honey colour with a dark brown ribbon matching the mantle."And now, the accessories. Come sweetheart. A walking stick, a monocle with silver chain, a pocket watch also with silver chain, a ring with seal, and the leather black mask. But now you have to wear jacket and trousers, so that I can see where I have to modify it. You porn russian naked girls aren't ashamed to undress in front of the aunt, are you? You know that I never lean my hand on my girl friendsÉ and neither on my men friends." he at once corrected himself.I laughed, undressed and wore that costume."Almost perfect, you have a splendid body, nobody would thing you are just thirty years russian thongs videos old, darling!""But I'm forty-five, you know it!" I said."Don't tell russian girls beastality it! At desperate russian girls nude most one can give you thirty-six yearsÉ with the extenuating circumstances!" he trilled."Flatterer." I told him while he was marking where he russian girle had to modify the clothes."By the way, chŽri, with this costume you have to make stand out in the right way your hidden jewels, and to judge by your full underpants, there is matter to highlight. But. You see, I shouldÉ wouldn't you be bothered if I feel them a little, would you? Nothing personal of free russian gay pics course, just professional dutyÉ" and before I could answer he was already feeling me there.I was rather annoyed, his way of touching me had very little of professional. I was about telling him it was enough, when he stopped.I went to fetch everything five days later that is on a Monday. I was satisfied. On Tuesday, as I left work, I ran home. Shower, careful shaving, a hint of musk perfume, very little gel just to give my hair a wave recalling the nineteen century style and applied false sideburns which I also got from Camilla. I wore the clothes and examined my appreance in the mirror. Elegant! And my "hidden jewels" were rightly "highlighted". If all went right, I could even hook some of the "novelties". I wore the mantle and top hat, put the leather mask in my pocket and went to Stefano's.Dario came to open the door. He was wearing a really colourful costume of a russian sex petite page of the fourteenth century, with a very tight leotard, just-au-corps, puffed sleeves. His jewels were not at all hidden, on the contrary; he was, to say the least, very sexy. In the several rooms were already some friends - Stefano, the house lord, dressed like Oliver Cromwell, Aldo like the Sun King, Pietro like the Cardinal Mazzarino, Mark as the Red corsair, and the Camilla like the Blue Fairy.The three servants of Stefano whore eighteenth century lackeys costumes, including the white wigs, and were passing with the refreshments.The "novelties" where four hunks, dressed like an Arab page, a Hussar, an American Indian and Zorro. They were fairly good-looking and sexy. They were certainly paid by Stefano to cheer up the party and the guests. The King Sun was necking with Zorro and the Blue Fairy with the Indian."Where did you find them?" I asked to Stefano looking at the four hunks."Well, the Indian is a plumber, the russian sex bombs Arab an university student, the Hussar an unemployed boy and ZorroÉ""But aren't they hustlers.""Of course not!" he said almost scandalised. "I found all four of them at the sauna. I just proposed to them an evening where they had to cheer up my friends, in exchange for a good gift - a hundred thousand fix, and another russian bittorrent sites hundred for each of my friends who takes them into the bedroom. They accepted at once, you can guess it! And of course they will do their best to be fucked by all of youÉ or to fuck you."Mario and russian porn studio Renzo came, respectively wearing a sultan and a samurai costume. russian mummy porn Then also Dado and Valerio dressed as Batman and Robin. The evening was becoming lively. Dario flirted with the Hussar and Stefano with Marco. I was chatting with the Arab page, a Neapolitan twenty years old boy with a lamŽ waist-coat open on a nice hairless chest, and puffed trousers of veil that let see a nicely full lame jock strap russian amature escorts and quite hairy legs. tiny pussy russian The boy, while caressing me in a sensual way, told me he was a student in his third year at the faculty of Education.Then came russian porn actors also Sergio, dressed like Leonardo russian mpg da Vinci, his Antonio like a chef, and a friend wearing a sailor's costume - Ricardo. He was a mulatto, beautiful. No, more than beautiful, wonderful. He emanated a particular fascination. All the party guests started to hang around him, in particular Stefano, Aldo, Dario, Renzo, Mario and the Camilla. Also Marco seemed to have eyes only for him. It was almost a contest to try to secure him, to fascinate him.Ricardo seemed dazed, amused, and nervous for that cheeky courting. Even though I was feeling strongly attracted by him, even though I was going on to look at him because it was a real pleasure, I kept myself out of the contest. This a little because I thought I couldn't compete, a little because I thought that the friends were already asphyxiating him enough. But Ricardo was beautiful as a dream.Oliver Cromwell took the beautiful sailor to tour the apartment and for a while they both disappeared from view. My Arab page proposed me to go to the room that Stefano had assigned to him. We shut ourselves in it and for some more than half an xxx russian hour, in his arms, I russian natural nude forgot the party. He was skilled. I russian porno portal don't know if it was only for the hundred thousand liras that I was making him earn, but I got the russian photo gallery girl impression that he really liked me. It free mature russian gallery gives pleasure to think to be liked.When we went back with the others, Ricardo was talking with Aldo, Marco and Renzo. The beautiful sailor threw me a glance. Dario was kissing and groping the Indian with whom he was half lying russian magazines nude on a sofa, Free russian underground porn Stefano russian women wanting sex and the Hussar were not in sight, we went to chat with Dado and Valerio, but I didn't lose sight of Ricardo.Dado noticed that, "He found his way to several hearts, didn't he?" he said to me, making sign with russian domai his eyes towards the splendid mulatto."God, I would kidnap free sex movies russian him so much I like him," I answered, "but I really don't think to have any chance with him, with so much competition."Valerio smiled, "If you don't busy yourself, for sure you have no chance."The Camilla was courting Ricardo and I got the slight impression that that disturbed the boy. Who rescued him was Aldo, who went between the aged Blue Fairy and the beautiful sailor with royal indifference to the black looks of the Camilla. I smiled."Who will get him, in your opinion?" Batman asked."Stefano russian free porno already got him, it seems - he took him in his room, didn't he?" I said, russian beauties feeling an unreasonable pang of jealousy."No, they were out of it just five minutes later." Robin said.I felt happy. "In russian porn vidios my opinion Aldo will make it." 12yr russian sex I then said."No, I think that Renzo will take him away." Valerio said.Dado smiled, "No way! Mario has more chances, unless you decide yourself.""I? Come on, Stefano and I free russian fucked are the much older men here, and the kid pics russian less handsome. But Stefano at least is rich. Mario is more handsome, Renzo more skilled, and Aldo more fascinating. I wont even try my chance," I answered smiling to my friends."You underrate fuk russian woman yourself." Valerio kindly said.All the evening long I didn't have pretten russian big movies contact with Ricardo, we didn't talk with each other, I contented myself to admire him and dream of him. I asked myself if the fascination that boy was exerting on me, and on almost everybody, was due to the fact he was a mulatto. The taste for the exotic? Or was it due to his body that under his ls pictures portal russian costume one could guess it was perfect? Or to his smile, reserved, sweet, a little lost? To his intelligent and bright eyes? To his sensual lips that, when he smiled revealed a perfect line of teeth? To his deep and warm voice that made you quiver?Taking profit of a moment when Sandro was alone, I went near him and asked him news about Ricardo."You like him, don't you?" he asked, cunningly."Who doesn't like him?" I answered back.Sandro explained to me that Ricardo came to Italy for the soccer world cup together with the Brazilian team's supporters. The Brazilian Soccer League offered several two ways air tickets, and the tickets for all the matches, for one third of their price, to a group of boys younger than twenty. Ricardo didn't care at all about free galleries russian boys soccer, but he wanted to come to Italy.Working like a madman, he saved the needed money and got a ticket. As he got it he went to the russian nude ru air company and changed the ticket with a one way, getting back practically all his money. As he came to Italy with four other friends who had had his same idea, he sold the matches tickets at touting, earning even more money.All of them found an illegal job and also a small apartment to rent, where all five slept sharing the same room, so they all remained in Italy.Sandro told me that the four friends of Ricardo weren't gay and didn't know about him. Sandro and Antonio met Ricardo one evening they went out cruising with their car. At times Sandro and Antonio search for a boy to have a threesome. So they took Ricardo to their place and russian pictures nude had sex with him, then Ricardo spent the night with them as the day after it was Sunday and he had the day off. They spent all of the Sunday together and so they boylove discussion forum russian became friends.Ricardo and the other four boys tgp czech russian found a job in a factory of scales for shops, in a village fifty kilometres aeay. Early in the morning they had to go to the railway station russian illegal hardcore where the owner, who lives here in the city would fetch them with his russian non nude thumbs van taking them to work. Every day from Monday to Friday they worked for ten or twelve hours and six on Saturday, for about seventy hours a week and a salary of a million and half a month. As all five Free russian incest pics of them lived in that small apartment with a single bedroom, he could save some money, but anyway he had to economize on everything. Sandro and Antonio bought him the costume for the party.While Sandro was telling me these things, Antonio joined us."Are you talking about Ricardo? How fantastic that boy is, also in bed! Do you know that he started having sex when he was just twelve? It's evident he has a lot of experience. He likes to russian sex top site amuse himself, and he says that for some years he doesn't want to be bound to anybody. He doesn't like to go cruising, but after a year living here, he still has no friends. So we take him with us, very often, like now.""Just an year? But he talks Italian rather well. Did he study it?" I asked."Studied it? No, Ricardo attended just the primary school. He just has an amazing ability to learn things. That wet russian pussy boy is talented." Sandro said."Yes, he's russian tiny rape really talented!" Antonio giggled with a sly expression.Sandro smiled, "Yes, also in that field." he admitted.The four "novelties" had again disappeared with four guests. Now with Ricardo were Stefano and Dario. Dario had a russian nude video angels hand under the stripes T-shirt of the beautiful sailor and was paradise nudes russian caressing his chest and belly, while Sandro was embracing Dario and caressing his swollen basket but was talking with Ricardo who laughed. Ricardo's T-shirt was a little raised up so I could see his navel, his smooth and firm belly, his narrow waist and hint of wide chest. When Dario's hand tried to slip beyond his sailor's breeches belt, Ricardo seized with the hand his wrist and took it away, without sharp gesture, quite, gentle but determined.The Camilla was flirting with one russian yuong porno of nude russian bride the two Philippine waiters, careless of russian small nude the black looks of Stefano.The latter then left Dario and went to the Camilla, "You know very well that my waiters are not hunting territory, darling!" he said him with a voice sharp like a blade."Oh my god, Oliviera, dear sister, I was just exchanging two words with your private waitress, I free russian video bisex am not going to spoil her, am I?" the Camilla answered with a falsetto voice."I know you, Blue Fucky, I bet that every two words you said to him, you slipped in a 'fuck me'!" Stefano answered back, ironical but not amused."Come on, Oliviera darling, the fairies don't fuck!""Right, they want to be fucked!" Dario said aloud from the sofa."You, darling, can't absolutely make sermons to me, about dailymotion russian busty massage being fucked! At least I've never been a kept girl like someone in here!" Camilla answered, with poison in his voice."Of course, if you don't pay you can't get!" Dario answered laughing."When you get to my age, nobody will come with you not even if you pay them a fortune, not even if you cry in Chinese, my girl!""To get russian wqomen to your age, I need to live some eighty years more, Camomile!""You'll snuff it before that, horned viper!""I hope so, I really hope so, rather than risking to become like you!""You, Daria-girlie, when you open your mouth, you have to take on it just a cock instead of talking!""And you, Camomile have just to drink some piss and calm down!"Ricardo was watching that petty quarrel with wide eyes. Evidently he was not used to such an exchange.The Camilla noticed it and with a shrill laughter said, "Let's stop here, Daria-girlie, we are shocking our beautiful sailor. Let's sheathe our nailsÉ for the moment."Then, with a pompous air he went to talk with Pietro and Aldo, ostentatiously ignoring all the others.I looked at my watch - it was already midnight. So I announced I was going home."Oh, Cinderella leaves us!" the Camilla said with a little shriek, "but don't leave your russian nudist camp pics crystal shoe behind, darling, or somebody can think it's a bath-tub!" said to me with allusion russian angels pictures to my big shoe size.I laughed. I was saying goodbye free naked russian pics to Pietro when Ricardo came to me and said, opening my mantle and looking at me up and down, "Do you know that you're really elegant?"They were the first words he said to me."Thank youÉ" nude free russian I murmured, slightly moved."With this cape you have to feel well warm. Can I try?" he asked.I was about unhooking the buckle to give it to him, but he came against me, wrapping also himself in the mantle. So doing his body clung to mine and brushed against it for a short while. Enough to feel I was sexy russian videos aroused and to let me feel that he too was. He then went out of my mantle.I turned to say goodbye to Dado and Valerio and Ricardo whispered to me, "You came with a motorbike, didn't you?""Yes.""Wouldn't you give me a lift home if you do not fisting russian mind?""Not at all, willingly." I answered not believing my luck.Suddenly the evening, that had been agreeable, seemed to me wonderful, splendid, and marvellous. Also Ricardo said goodbye to everybody. We went away, under the envious looks of all the friends. We went down the wide stairway and got to my motorbike."Riding my bike you will feel cold, your costume is too light, so, take my mantle." I said taking it off and giving it to Ricardo."No, no, it doesn't russian nudist sex directory matter. I will be at your back, so I'll have less cold."I insisted so he said, "It's huge enough, we can wrap both of us.""Yes, you are right, therefore you wear it, and then you wrap me too and keep it closed in front of me." I then suggested.I sat on the saddle, he sat behind me. He made the two laps of the mantle over my shoulders and, circling my waist, he sized and crossed them in front of my body. So his chest hugged my back and he was tightly embracing me. I felt incredibly aroused. I started the engine and drove towards his house. When we got there, we dismounted.While he was taking off the mantle, he said, "I have been warm, thanks to the mantleÉ and to you."I asked him, "Did you enjoy the party?""Yes, I did, even though they made my head spin with all their chatting andÉ""And?" I asked him."Almost everybody wanted to take me to their bed.""Isn't it good feeling desired?""Good? Rather tiring - they were too many.""Because you are so very attractive." I mafia sex russian porno said."Do you think so?" he asked and, before I could answer, said, "Thank you, good night."He embraced me, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and entered the gate of his house; I stayed there, looking at him.Before climbing the stairway, he turned, smiled and said, "I hope to see you again." and ran upstairs.Stefano, later, told me that Ricardo had disappointed him - he let you court him but as soon as you tried to get to the point, he wriggled away with diabolical skill."And when I proposed to him to come to work as a waiter in my home, where he would have worked less and earned more, he refused. That boy doesn't know what's convenient for him!" he commented, somewhat annoyed.Inside myself, pic naked russian naturism I smiled and thought that on the contrary he knew even too well what was convenient for him."AnywayÉ how did you succeed in taking him away with you? Is he skilled at sex?" he asked me."I just gave him a lift to his home, we did nothing.""Come on! And why?""He evidently asked me for a lift because he well understood that I would not jump on himÉ""He isn't your type?""On the contrary, he surely is!""Then I can't understand you. If you wanted him, you had to try with him."Stefano is a little too much sure that money can buy everything. It is not totally beauty horny russian girls his fault; he has been reared in that way. When he was in the first year russian pretten porn of the high school, his father, who was already like his father was a jeweller, discovered that his son was an homosexual. At first he tried to make him "change".When he understood that it was useless, worried that the fact didn't create a scandal, he said him, "If you russian psy trance really can't avoid doing such things, do them at home, don't expose yourself, and don't do silly things."He asked him if he really liked his schoolmate with whom he caught his son in a very intimate position. Stefano answered that yes, he liked Vittorio, and it was russian pervert porn a while they were making sexy beutiful russian pics love, and quite often. His father asked him who was that boy, and Stefano told him he was the son of a tramway driver.Then his father "bought" the boy from his family. That is, he offered to Vittorio's family to hire him as a personal valet of Stefano. The boy would live in their home; he would give a monthly allowance to his father and would pay for all the studies of the boy up to the university.The russian girl bride tramway driver, having to support seven children and having already to do great sacrifices to send his son at the russian boys suck high school, and after seeing that his russian girls sucking son agreed, willingly accepted, quite illegal secret russian video certainly without guessing the real reason of that contract. So the boy was put to sleep with Stefano, for whom he anyway was also the valet, and with whom he studied for all the high school years.He went on to be his valet also when Stefano entered the university and, hiding from his father, started to look for other boys, to have other adventures and ceased almost totally to have sex with Vittorio. In the mean time Vittorio got a girlfriend but he continued to sleep with Stefano for all their time at university up to graduation. It was convenient so for both of them, in fact if Vittorio vent away, Stefano's father would cease to pay him his studies. As long czech russian ukrainian tgp as Vittorio was sleeping with his son, the father was tranquil. Anyway at times they still had sex together.Stefano told me all this later. In fact while we were high school mates, neither I nor our other mates ever suspected that Stefano was gay and even less that our mate Vittorio was his bed companion. We just knew he had been hired by Stefano's father as a waiter, nothing hot russian girls photo more. Moreover Vittorio always seemed to dig girlsÉAt school Vittorio was really good, Stefano was average, and I was half way between them. Also Stefano never suspected about me. After high school we lost touch. Who put us again in touch was Pietro, who once invited me to a party russian anal passion at one of his friends' house - I discovered it was Stefano and for both of us it was a surprise.When I met Stefano again, he had another lover. Dario came later. But he had bought also that lover, like the others and like Dario. If I remember correctly, his name was Giovanni, Gianni. He was a russian sex site native of Romagna, of Rimini, where he worked as a lifeguard for the hotel where Stefano was spending his holidays. During Stefano's stay at that hotel, they had sex every day, and Stefano gave him gifts - clothes, meals, and objects.Then he proposed to him a contract similar to free small russian girls the russian gay chat rooms one he offered Dario later, and took him to his home. Gianni lasted just for three years, because Stefano discovered that while he was working in his shop, he kept taking home minor boys, just fourteen, fifteen year old, and fucked them. He got angry and chased him. Not because he wanted faithfulness, but because he didn't want problems with the law.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 6-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me feed-back, or desire to help revising my English translations, so that I can put on-line more of my stories in English please e-mail atandrejandrejkoymasky.com---------------------------
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